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Absolute Write
Lots of free articles’s Fiction Writing
Articles on various aspects of the craft of writing, e.g., metaphor, assonance, writing in the third person, flat characters, etc.

Author Link
Thousands of articles and interviews with authors and publishing professionals

Articles and advice from industry insiders, conferences, contests, reviews; also a forum, which hosts guest speakers, including literary agents, editors and authors

Character Outline
An outline to use for helping flesh out your story or novel’s characters

Creative Writing Prompts
Got writer’s block? These little prompts might help jumpstart your creativity.

E-Writer’s Place
Articles, columns, one free workshop and several subscription workshops

Fiction Factor
Articles on writing basics, honing your skills, launching your career, motivation, etc; you can connect with other writers around the world

First Writer
They include several databases, including one for literary agents, another for book publishers, and still others for magazines and book publishers.

Funds for Writers
They focus on paying markets, competitions, awards, grants, publishers, agents, and jobs; they also have a free newsletter.

Links for Writers
Lots of helpful links on a long list of subjects that may be helpful to writers, from agents to music use, to synopsis preparation.

Literary Lawyers (Attorneys who specialize in publishing contracts)

Manuscript Format
An example of proper MS formatting

Manuscript Format (SFWA)
Another look at formatting, from the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America

Poets and Writers
This is the online presence of the print publication and includes news and trends, articles, conference and submission calendars, etc.

Poynter Online’s Fifty Writing Tools: Quick List
A handy listing of “do’s” and “don’ts,” along with podcasts for each.

Writer Beware
From the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, a page of alerts for writers about disreputable book doctors, editor, agents, publishers, etc.

The Writer Magazine
The online component of the print publication has several free articles

Writers’ News
This is the online component of Writing Magazine and Writers’ News, this site has some free articles and a forum.

Writers Weekly
One of the oldest and most respected sites on freelance writing, with articles, news, paying markets, etc.

Writers Write
Lots of helpful writers’ resource links and articles
You can sign up for their free service which includes an online writing portfolio, numerous writing tools, email services and forums

Writing World
Lots of articles on the business and craft of writing



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