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How Bombs Work
An overview of not only how bombs work, but links to how other explosives work, such as grenades, landmines, C-4, dynamite, nuclear bombs, dirty bombs, and more

Types of Explosives
A brief overview of types of explosives from the U.S. Counterterrorism Center


Adam Firestone
Weapons advice and consultation from an aptly named Army veteran and weapons instructor.

Bullet Basics: Materials
Types of bullets and casings.

Firearm Calibers
A brief, but helpful overview of calibers

How to identify various types of firearms and bullets, with photos and illustrations

Firearms Identification and Ballistics
Includes an overview, history, basic information for those who know virtually nothing about guns, and links to more information

Firearms Technical
Lots of articles and briefs, including wound ballistics

Firearms, Tools, Toolmarks, Serial Restoration


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