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Topic Mysteries/Mysteries by Sub-Genre



Cozy Library
Reviews of cozy mysteries, links to author web sites, holiday books, etc.  Also has links to the online Cozy Times Newsletter.

Cozy Mysteries by Theme
You can look up lists of cozies by theme such as antiques, cats, lighthouses, etc.

Cozy Mystery List
An alphabetical database of authors who write cozy mysteries. Also includes a listing of holiday-themed cozies.

Mystery Most Cozy
A discussion group of cozy mystery lovers.


Behind the Black Mask
Interviews with writers of hard-boiled, pulp, mystery, and suspense

Film Noir Festival
From the Blackhat Mystery Bookstore, a bibliography of links

Films Noir
Reviews, links

Hard Case Crime
A publisher which specializes in hardboiled and noir fiction

Hardboiled Heaven
Author web site links and bibliographies, and book covers

International Noir Fiction
A blog by Glenn Harper which has sections on Italian and Latin American noir, publishers of international noir in English, as well as definitions of noir

LA Noir
The darker side of the city of angels

Noircast:  Hardboiled Podcasts
You can subscribe to their podcasts here or via iTunes, on topics like “"Out of the Past: Investigating Film Noir,” and “"Behind the Black Mask: Mystery Writers Revealed.”

Out of the Past: Investigating Film Noir
A monthly podcast by Clute and Edwards investigating one film noir title in depth.

Tart City
Focuses on the independent-minded female sleuths who are tough enough to take on thugs and corrupt cops, tender enough to be moved by tough, tender men (or women, as the case may be). Includes news, reviews, stories, and paperdolls of your favorite tart noir characters

Thrilling Detective
A publication of private eye mystery stories in the classic hard-boiled, pulp, and noir traditions

Publishes mystery and noir short stories

Twists, Slugs and Roscoes: A Glossary of Hardboiled Slang
Learn how to tell a torpedo from a peeper


Arts & Sciences of the Middle Ages and Renaissance
Articles on everything from beekeeping to brewing to dance and weddings as practiced during the time period

Classic Crime Fiction
Bibliographies of crime and mystery first editions, pictures of rare books, and articles on the history of mysteries

Crime Thru Time
Crime Thru Time is a web site dedicated to historical mysteries, with book lists and reviews, a timeline of books divided into period in which they were set, and a book discussion club.
Criminal History
An overview of selected authors writing historical mysteries, divided by plot time periods

The Detective and the Toga
A bibliography and articles about mysteries set in Rome

Golden Age of the British Detective Novel
A look at British crime fiction during the 1920s and 1930s

Historical Mystery Bibliography
Bibliographies of mysteries set in periods from ancient times up through World War II; a bibliography grouped according to time period, then alphabetically, with some links

Historical Mystery Fiction
An extensive bibliography (mostly authors and titles), both alphabetical by author and grouped by time period

Historical Novel Society
The society provides support for new writers and a community for all writers and readers of historical novels. The society publishes the quarterly  Historical Novels Review  magazine and the twice yearly magazine Solander, and holds an annual conference.

Penny Illustrated Paper
This is a complete run of the Penny Illustrated Paper, published in Britain between 1861 and 1913, with a searchable index, where you can find many interesting crimes.

Stop You’re Killing Me
A listing of historical mysteries, divided into period indices

Victorian Web
Everything you ever wanted to know about the Victorian period


Britannia Panorama
A database of historical mysteries set in Britain

Classic Crime Fiction
An alphabetical bibliography, a listing of dustjacket artists, author biographies, and several articles on the history of crime fiction

Crime Culture
At look at subjects related to historical crime fiction, including Victorian detective fiction, classic detective fiction, early hard-boiled, paperback originals, Brit grit, French crime fiction, American 1970-2000, serial killer fiction, and graphic crime fiction

Crime Fiction IV: A Comprehensive Bibliography 1749-2000
An alphabetical listing of authors, with links

Detective Novels:  An Overview
A history of hardboiled and noir detective fiction

GA Detection
A collection of material relating to the Golden Age of Detection, roughly 1920 to 1960, covering authors, books, magazines, and more, with an alphabetical listing of authors and books, a section on nonfiction books about detective fiction and its writers, general articles, and links

Looking for a Mystery?
A bibliogaphy of mysteries written during various periods in history, beginning 1840-1913, with brief annotations and additional links

Maywrite Library
This site provides links to free e-texts of public-domain classic and Golden Age mystery novels and short stories.


Black Mask
A tribute to pulp fiction, with fiction pulled from the archives of Black Mask Magazine and other quality publications, with reviews, essays, photos, cover gallery, and downloads

Blazing Adventures
Specializes in pulp-style fiction

Gumshoes, Sleuths and Snoopers
Gumshoes, Sleuths & Snoopers provides an in-depth look at 185 detective and mystery novels originally published during the period 1930-1960. It is the result of a collaborative effort, established and coordinated by George Kelley, in which volunteers from near and far provide detailed information about plot, setting, characters and other thematic factors for each title.

Pulp Fiction Central
A history of pulp fiction, as well as replicas, reprints, and fanzines for sale.

The Pulp Net
ThePulp.Net is a fan-produced Web site devoted to the pulp magazines of the 1890s through the 1950s.
The Pulp Rack
A monthly online magazine about pulp fiction, past and present, with articles and links to stories.

Pulp World
Includes history, information, convention details, auctions, and more


How to Write a Thriller Novel
Pretty basic overview

International Thriller Writers
The web-site of International Thriller Writers Inc., which represents professional authors from around the world. Includes news, author bios, and a few articles. It’s also the home for information about the annual Thrillerfest conference.

The Wikipedia Overview

Thriller Writers
A listing of writers and web site links

What Makes a Thriller?
An overview from Thriller Press


Children's & Young Adult Literature Resources
This Web site is a portal into the world of literary trade books for children and young adults and features annotated bibliograhies

Mysteries for Young Adults
A reading list

25 Things You Should Know About Young Adult Fiction
Tips from the “colorful” mystery author/blogger Chuck Wendig.


New, reviews, and events down under

Australian Crime Fiction Database
Mysteries written by Australian authors

Mysteries that have settings, plots, or substantial characters in them related to the world of books, writers, archives, and libraries

A Bit of Whimsey: Mysteries and Academia
These titles will give you a look at murder,  mystery, and mayhem through the eyes of professors, administrators, staff,  and students. Many, but not all titles, are set on college or university campuses.

Clerical Detectives
A listing of 250 clerical detectives, i.e., any detective with a significant church or religious background, compiled by Philip Grosset.

Crime Fiction Canada
Canadian mystery authors

Crime Novels and Mystery Fiction
An extensive bibliography of mystery books by topic, e.g., mysteries featuring amateur detectives, animals in mysteries, arts and entertainment in mysteries, courtroom dramas, cyber/techno mysteries, financial/business/mathematics, military, multicultural, etc.

Detectives Beyond Borders
A forum for international crime fiction

Euro Crime, for British and European Crime Fiction
This is a site focusing on British and other European crime fiction writers who have been published in English.

A Fiction of Law!
One hundred years of legal fiction

Gay Detectives
A bibliography, with links to author sites

G.J. Demko’s Landscapes of Crime
A look at the settings used in mysteries, with sections devoted to European locales, various regions of the U.S.,  and essays and articles related to various geographical subjects, such as “Maps and Mysteries” (authors who used maps in their books), “Crime in Cold Climes,” “Exotic and Mysterious Places,” etc.

Golden Gate Mysteries
A bibliography of 1,500 titles of mystery, detective, and crime fiction with the action, or significant parts of the action, set in San Francisco and the Bay Area

Gorbius Shortling’s Mystery Web Page
Includes bibliographies of such topics as women private detectives, race tracks and other sleaze, specialists, historical, comic, classic, hardboiled, spy novels, science fiction mysteries and more.

Irish Crime Writers
Links to Irish or Irish-connected authors who have openly published in the mystery genre, some, but not all, set in Ireland

Italian Mysteries
Mysteries set in Italy, not necessarily in Italian

Legal Thrillers, a Brief History
Thriller fiction featuring attorneys, courts, and/or a legal focus

Locked-Room Murders and Other Impossible Crimes
A brief overview and history on the subject

Murder by Toaster
Mysteries, suspense novels, thrillers, and crime novels in which  relatively or usually harmless items are employed as effective murder weapons. As the page states, this list is full of SPOILERS, so beware!

Mysteries Around the World
Mystery stories that are set in far-flung places around the globe

Mystery Lists by Topic
Murders by Occupation, Murder in the Home, Garden or Ballpark, Religious Sleuths,  Multicultural Sleuths, Crime for the Holidays, Historical Mysteries, Murder in the US, Death in Foreign Lands

MystNoir:  African-American Mysteries
MystNoir features mysteries, thrillers, and suspense novels written by or featuring African-Americans.

Readers’ Advice
Lists of recommended mystery novel reading, grouped according to category, such as historical, academic, antique, clerical, gardening, etc.



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