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I recently had the pleasure of participating in a Q&A with Omnimystery News about my new novel PLAYED TO DEATH and its protagonist, Scott Drayco:

Omnimystery News: Introduce us to Scott Drayco. What is it about him that appeals to you as a writer?

BV Lawson: Scott Drayco was a promising piano prodigy until a violent brush with crime ended his career and left his right arm scarred. Seeing this as a chance to find justice for other victims, he decided to follow in the footsteps of his formerly-estranged father with a storied career in the FBI, followed by private consulting. But he didn't leave music behind entirely and finds that the complex counterpoint of J.S. Bach helps him puzzle through thorny investigations. He also has chromesthesia, a form of synesthesia, where he sees all sounds and voices as colors, shapes, and textures. Although he's the first to say this doesn't make him a "Super Detective," his unusual perceptions of the world often work their way into cases. Drayco is a gem to write, not just because of my own musical background, but because his quirkiness and brilliance makes me "up my game" to bring this unusual character to life. OMN: Scott is familiar to readers of your short stories. How do you see him developing in this series? BVL: I don't know how long this series will play out, but I have a rough idea of where it's headed. And Drayco will definitely change over time, especially since he's currently in his mid-30s, leaving me quite a bit of room to play with. His relationships with various other characters will also evolve, and I'm looking forward to seeing where this takes him. For instance, his relationships with women are a bit rocky as he seems to attract married women — despite having a personal ban on getting involved with married women — yet it's two married female characters in the first few books who will be keeping him befuddled and unsure of his footing. We'll also eventually learn more about his father, his AWOL mother, and the real reason Drayco left the Bureau. OMN: Give us a summary of Played To Death in a tweet. BVL: A body found in a rundown Opera House with a "G" carved on his chest lures a former FBI agent into a web of music, madness and murder.

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