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Ace Murder Mystery Games and Parties
Murder mystery games featuring famous faces and familiar places from the wonderful world of fact and fiction.

Freeform Games
Dinner party mysteries for large gatherings in download format

Hauntings of Mystery Manor
You arrive at your ancestral home  which you haven't been back to for 15 years. Each room holds a spirit  that has their own story that they will tell you. You must help free them  from their misery, which is how the house holds them there. This is a DVD game you order and they ship to you.

Detective Fiction on Stamps
A listing of the countries around the world which have issued stamps with authors and characters from detective fiction

Intrique at Oakhaven Plantation
You receive a letter from your Grand-mere asking you to please come to Oakhaven, a southern plantation, to discuss some important issues. When you arrive you discover your cousin has also been invited and Grand-mere has more than just discussions on her mind. Tests and conundrums are scattered throughout the plantation and you need to solve them before your cousin does. Along the way, you begin to learn the dark secrets of the past. You can purchase this game on DVD or download.

Murder Mystery Dinner Party Games
Murder mystery games for 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 players and more, both in downloadable and boxed formats

Mystery Goduku
The editors of Hidden Staircase Mystery Books created Godoku, which is similar to Sudoku, but uses letters instead of numbers. Their site also has a mystery trivia section and additional games links.

Mystery Mania Quiz
Fifty-one questions to test your knowledge.

Mystery Net
They offer 2-5 minute mini-mysteries and community mystery games

Play Murder Mystery
Party mystery games you can download or purchase, such as the boxed game “A Rockin’ Murder in the Hot Tub,” perfect for pool parties.

Quizzes: Mystery & Detective Fiction
Various quizzes on the some of the best-known mystery writers of the past and present

South African Murder Mysteries


Crime Scene Evidence Files
Each week their “detectives” post evidence from the current investigation. You participate by reviewing the interviews, evidence reports and other documents, and discussing them with your fellow web investigators. There’s also a crime scene jigsaw puzzle, if you want to waste some time at work.

Greystone Interactive Crime Fiction
Patients and staff are being systematically slaughtered at Greystone.  After three murders in just two weeks leave local police stumped, they turn to the New Jersey State Police for help.  You, a detective with the state police, enter Greystone undercover as a patient.

Homicide the Game
An interactive murder mystery serial written from the point of view of the many suspects who are introduced as the mystery progresses; since the suspects have control, they have the same ability to lie, misdirect, and attempt to mislead as any real suspect does.

Murder Mystery 3D
You enter a virtual reality mansion where a murder has taken place five minutes after the crime, with eight different rooms in the house and a number of suspects.

Murder Without Escape
In a lonely mansion a murder happens during a family celebration. Immediately after the last scream, the butler enters the room. But he finds only the victim. Strangled. How could the murderer escape?

Mystery at Mansfield Manor
On the eve of your forced early retirement, a high profile homicide case is thrown on your department, and Chief O’Malley has no one to turn to but you. This is an interactive murder mystery movie/game played over the Internet, but there is a small fee.

Mystery Manor
Miscellaneous mystery-themed games such as slider puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, hangman, blackjack, word searches, and more.

Mystery Net
Includes mini-mysteries to solve by yourself or you can join in with others in community mysteries

Nick Bounty:  A Case of the Crabs
It's up to Detective Nick Bounty to discover who knocked off a local seafood salesman and get to the bottom of a diabolical counterfeiting operation. Available to play online or as a download for Windows or Mac. Free to play, though if you enjoy this game, they ask that you consider a small donation.

Nick Bounty:  The Goat in the Grey Fedora
The follow-up game to Nick Bounty: A Case of the Crabs

PBS Mystery Series
Three interactive games from PBS

Sleuth is an open-ended, detective role playing game where you solve mysteries by searching for clues, questioning suspects and interviewing witnesses. All mysteries are solvable, and in fact, there are always two ways to solve any single mystery

Stickman Murder Mystery Games
In the "Stickman Murder Mystery Games" you play the roll of a homicide detective who must solve one of five murder mystery cases. The murders have taken place in the crime riddled city of "Stickville.” Probably not for the kiddies, though, due to the adult-themed posters on the bottom of the page.

Waking the Dead
An online interactive game from the BBC to accompany their drama by the same name, this game contains “strong crime drama content.” You play a member of the Cold Case Unit and have 12 hours to crack the case.


A&E Mystery Spot
This website contains excellent health and science mysteries for grades 4 and up.

All Educational Software
Kids solve mysteries and learn playing adventure games with these software titles

Kids Mystery Party Games
Games you can purchase

Microbiology Bytes: The Panama Puzzle
An interactive historical mystery for older kids

MysteryNet’s Kids Mysteries
These are designed for children grades 3 and up, with mysteries to solve, scary stories, magic t


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