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Arson Analysis Slide Presentation and Instrumentation Theory
Click on WEB ARSON SLIDES. This is a PowerPoint presentation (so you will need to have that software installed) of the theory of instrumentation used in arson analysis and the classification of ignitable liquids. This presentation can be used for preparation of expert courtroom testimony and as a tutorial for instrumentation used in a wide range of organic instrumental forensic analyses or for the study of arson analysis.

Arson Analysis Links and Resources

Arson and Fire Science
A booklet from the Department of Justice which includes evaluating, documenting, and processing scenes

Arson Myths Fuel Errors,0,4258490.story?page=1
Debunked theories plague fire probes, lead to wrongful arrests, prosecutions -- a special report from the Chicago Tribune.

Interfire Online
“the complete resource for fire services, fire insurers, law enforcement and others whose duties involve arson investigation, fire investigation safety and fire scene training.”


Art Loss Register
You have to pay for searching their database, either by individual search or by an annual fee. It’s used mostly by owners who are either registering their possessions or reporting a lost or stolen item. The database currently holds 170 000 objects and increases by 10 000 registrations a year. The ALR holds all the information in strictest confidence and there is no public access to the data held.

Can Science Help Solve Art Crime?
A look at motivations for art crime, detection tools including neutron activation analysis and x-rays

FBI’s Art Theft Program & 10 Most Wanted
A description of the art crime team, the national stolen art file, the Top Ten Art Crimes, and the latest news about thefts

History of Art Forgery
A history of the crime of art forgery with artwork photos, information art forgers, and a like to Fabulous Fakes, pictures of forged masterworks

International Center for Art Intelligence
A Non-profit organization for the scientific support of art authentication

International Foundation for Art Research
The International Foundation for Art Research (IFAR) is a not-for-profit educational and research organization dedicated to integrity in the visual arts. IFAR offers impartial and authoritative information on authenticity, ownership, theft, and other artistic, legal, and ethical issues concerning art objects

Master Forgers
A gallery and bios of the most notorious art forgers

Science and Art at the National Gallery
An article that takes a look at detecting forgeries and using science to preserve artworks

Sources of Information Art Forgery
A web site from the Museum Security Network with information and links on forgery issues and cases, and links to more information

World’s Most Wanted Art
A comprehensive guide to art crime information and directory of stolen-art web sites


Computer Crime Research Center
News, tips, and analysis of cypercrime

Computer Forensics World
Computer Forensics World is a growing community of professionals involved in the digital forensics industry. It is an open resource, free for all to access and to use, although some features are only available to members. Others, like some statistics, FAQs, and links, are available to everyone.

A souce of information for the general public to help advise them about the types of ways cybercrime could affect them. If you aren’t very familiar with the subject, this is a very basic starting point.
Provided by the Computer Crime & Intellectual Property Section of the United States Department of Justice, includes press releases of crimes and news reports

Cybercriminals Most Wanted
Although there is a section on this site for the “most wanted’ among the cybercriminals, it’s mostly a library of articles on cybercrime news articles and tips for individuals and educators.

Security Focus
A nice geeky page of security news and issues in the computer industry


American Bar Association Commission on Domestic Violence
charts summarizing each state's domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking/harassment civil protection order provisions, Tips and Strategies for Handling Civil Protection Order Cases, statistics, safety tips for victims, and more.
Crime Library
This site from Court TV has an overview which includes legal classifications, stalking typologies and pathologies, incidence and prevalence, a cyberstalking case study and risk management.

End Stalking In America
The purpose of this site is to help educate the general public, to be of assistance to all potential victims of stalking, and to assist those victims who are currently being harassed and stalked. They have articles on the forms of stalking, traits of stalkers, mistakes victims make, building a case, filing a police report, etc.
Family Violence:  State Links
The resources included in this PDF document include domestic violence court programs, domestic violence coalitions, and other domestic resources by state.

National Criminal Justice Reference Service
From the U.S. Department of Justice, this site includes facts and figures, legislation and key bills in Congress, online publications with titles like “Domestic Violence by Police Officers,” “Marital Rape,” etc. There’s also a page with examples of State and local programs and initiatives available online.

National Institute of Justice Child Abuse and Maltreatment
This NIJ site has statistics,  articles, and links to other web resrouces.

The Safety Zone Domestic Violence Links
A list of links, concentrating on New York but also including national resources

Understanding DNA Evidence: A Guide for Victim Service Providers
This PDF document discusses DNA evidence as it relates to domestic violence cases and is a very basic overview.

USDOJ:  First Response to Victims of Crime
This is an online handbook for law enforcement officers on how to approach and help victims.

USDOJ:  Office on Violence Against Women
An overview and list of resources including tribal coalitions for information on domestic violence among Native Americans

Violence Against Women Online Resources
This site has a document library with topics on Advocacy, Child Custody and Protection, and Criminal Justice Response.

Includes state-by-state legal information and resources for domestic violence


Above the Influence
Facts on various drugs and how they affect the body.

Club Drugs
A discussion of Club drugs being used by young adults at all-night dance parties such as "raves" or "trances," dance clubs, and bars:. MDMA (Ecstasy), GHB, Rohypnol, ketamine, methamphetamine, and LSD
Drug Policy Alliance
Includes news headlines about drugs from around the US and the world and articles on various types of drugs and some intriguing discussions like “What if cigarettes became the new Prohibition?”

Forensic Equity: Drugs and Drug Trafficking
A forensic/crime consultation agency in the UK has information on drugs and sentencing.

GAO Testimony on Products to Defraud Drug Tests
Testimony before Congress about everyday products used to foil drug tests

High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area
The  High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) Program was created  by the Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1988. This act authorized the Director  of the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) to designate  regions (such as DC/Baltimore) within the United States that face drug trafficking threats  affecting other areas of the nation as HIDTAs.

Meth Resources
A site from the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, it includes statistics and articles.

National Criminal Justice Reference Service
Info sheets, substance abuse indicators, testing, and treatment

National Drug Intelligence Center
This Center closed in 2012, but maintains an archive. This assessment addressed the status and outlook of the drug threat to the United States. It covers the trafficking and abuse patterns of cocaine, methamphetamine, marijuana, heroin, MDMA, pharmaceutical drugs, and other dangerous drugs.

Street Drugs
A fairly extensive drug index, plus signs of drug use and various reports on drug use such as “Illicit Drug Use among Persons Arrested for Serious Crimes,” “How and Where Young Adults Obtain Marijuana,” etc.

United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime
An annual UN report which attempts to identify trends in the evolution of global illicit drug markets

White House Drug Policy
Facts and figures on a variety of drugs, and a list of drug street terms


Altered and Erased Documents

Coalition Against Insurance Fraud
Includes an up-to-date listing of people who have been arrested recently for insurance fraud and also a separate list for convictions, as well a section on legislation and lots of articles

Common Fraud Schemes
An FBI site with summarized information on various fraud schemes.

Crimes of Persuasion
Lots of articles about fraud, including some which take a closer look at criminals who defraud

Federal Trade Commission
The FTC’s site has a news section with articles on the latest scams and legal actions against them.
Home of the National Consumer League’s Fraud Information Center, this site has tips on how to avoid frauds related to telemarketing, the internet, businesses, counterfeit drugs, and elder fraud, and also contains a news section with the latest advisories.

Looks Too Good to Be True
This website was developed to arm you with information so you don't fall victim to these Internet scam artists. Includes FAQ and types of fraud

Official Anti-Fraud and Regulatory Bodies
A list of links to regulatory, supervisory and investigative groups around the world

A cyber-museum, of sorts, with some of the funniest (yet sometimes successful) scams around, but also a clearinghouse for information on the latest scams

Scam Busters
This web site targets internet scams, identity theft, and urban legends and provides tips on how people can protect themselves. It lets you know what kinds of scams are out there and is fairly up to date.


Know Ur Gangs
Basic background on MS-13, the Latin Kings, Vice Lords, 18th Street, Vatos Locos, Chi-Town Crews, D.C. Crews

Street Gangs Resource Center
Information on L.A. drug gangs


Includes the lates in civil rights news and hate crimes, as well some statistics and reports

National Institute of Justice
A very basic overview and bibliography

SE-GAG Hate and Occult Groups Information
From the Southeastern Connecticut Gang Activities Group, this page provides basic background information on a dozen or so hate groups such as the Aryan Nation, KKK, and Skin Heads.

Southern Poverty Law Center
The Intelligence Project monitors hate groups and extremist activities throughout the U.S. and publishes the Center's award-winning Intelligence Report (with some of those articles posted on the site). They also include case files of hate crimes legal actions they’ve spearheaded.

Visual Database of Extremist Symbols, Logos and Tattoos
A good source for the symbols used by hate crime groups

Watchman Fellowship’s 2001 Index of Cults and Religions
A caveat:  Watchman Fellowship is an independent Christian research and apologetics ministry focusing on new religious movements, cults, the occult and the New Age and thus everything on the site is viewed through the lens of the Christian religion. But the page does include a nice listing of various religious groups around the world, although it’s primarily US-centric.


Includes an introduction and a look at various regions around the world, with articles, photos, news, and reports

Child Trafficking
A web site by the the Swiss Foundation of Terre des homme, it includes essays, discussions, legal issues, and surveys of the problem of child trafficking by region.

Human Trafficking from the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women
Includes a summary of the coalition’s campaigns, as well as overviews of the current situation of trafficking in women around the world, by region, and many articles

The purpose of this Web site is to bring Government and NGOs in the East Asia and Pacific together to cooperate and learn from each other’s experiences in their efforts to combat human trafficking. This Web site has country-specific information such as national laws and action plans and contact information on useful governmental agencies. It also has a description of NGO activities in different countries and their contact information.

Human Trafficking Online
Includes many articles, with sections on human trafficking, child labor, forced labor, and sex slavery


Help for Victims of Identify Theft
From the U.S. Department of Justice, this site includes an overview of the problem, links to government agencies, national consumer organizations, and the big three credit monitoring organizations, as well as information on grants and funding for victims, and other publications.

ID Safety
A co-project of the International Association of Chiefs of Police and Bank of America, this site has articles on the subect for consumers and law enforcement

Identify Theft Resource Center
Includes victim resources, consumer resources and tips, state and local resources, and a section on scam alerts


Financial Crimes Enforcement Network
This site, from the U.S. Department of Treasury, has reports on anti-money laundering issues, Federal Register notices, advisories, bulletins, rulings, and fact sheets

Financial Scandals: Money Laundering
A guide to sources on money laundering, how it’s done and what is being done about it

Forensic Equity: Money Laundering
From a UK perspective

How Stuff Works:  Money Laundering
A nice overview of the subject, in basic layman’s terms

International Money Laundering Information Network
IMoLIN is an Internet-based network assisting governments, organizations and individuals in the fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorism. The site includes a few publications and international standards, broken down by country.


FBI Study of Childhood Ritual Abuse
An article by Kenneth V. Lanning, "Investigator's Guide to Allegations of 'Ritual' Child Abuse", Behavioral Science Unit, National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime, Federal Bureau of Investigation, FBI Academy, Quantico, Virginia 22135 (1992).  It’s mirrored here, as well:

Satanic Media Wach
This is actually a site that tries to collect articles and information from the viewpoint that much of the news sometimes ascribed to ritualistic violent crime is more hysteria than fact.


The American Mafia
Includes articles on mob bosses, sections devoted to mob slang, underworld nicknames, and mob chronology, information on crimefighters and informants, a bibliography of books and movies about the mob and government documents

Court TV Crime Library
Articles on mob bosses, crime family epics, outlaw and thieves, and cops and other characters

Includes an overview, lots of news articles, major cases, past and present, and looks at Italian, Eurasian, Asian, African and sports-bribery programs the FBI covers.

Gangland News
This site was created by Jerry Capeci, an expert on the American Mafia and frequent guest on network and cable television programs in the U.S. and Canada, and includes lot of articles and up-to-date columns about the mafia.

History of the American Mafia and Organized Crime
Articles on selected mafia figures, gangs and families, and historic events; also includes a collection of rare historic photographs, charts, articles and interviews

Mob Candy
The “Underworld Magazine of Mafia Politics, Pleasure, and Power,” this is just the web site presence for the magazine, with ordering information.

Rick Porrello’s American
Rick Porrello is a veteran Cleveland-area police lieutenant with Mafia roots and author of The Rise and Fall of the Cleveland Mafia. Porrello began writing his first book during research into the murders of his grandfather and three uncles, who were mob leaders killed in Prohibition-era violence. The site includes a look at mafia cities around the U.S. and also a user forum.

United Nations Office on Drugs & Crime
This page from the UN describes their efforts and involvement  to counter organized crime.


Advanced Electronic Security Company
Some FAQs about bugging

Global Intelligence News Portal
Intelligence and spy news galore from around the world

Spylopedia is a reference site for espionage related material that is located on the World Wide Web, including international news and over 600 weblinks.


Bureau of Justice Statistics
Statistics about crime and victims, criminal offenders, special topics, law enforcement, courts and sentencing, corrections, and more

FBI Uniform Crime Reports
Includes reports on overall crime in the U.S., hate crime statistics, and aw enforcement officers killed and assaulted.

Homicide Trends in the U.S.
This site contains a series of charts that describe homicide patterns and trends in the United States since 1976.

Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics
The Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics brings together data from more than 100 sources about many aspects of criminal justice in the United States, displayed in over 1,000 tables.

Statistical Sites on the World Wide Web
Links to government statistical sites from countries around the world
Transaction Records Access Clearinghouse
Independent, nonpartisan information about federal enforcement, staffing, and spending


Bioterrorism (Covering Both Biological and Chemical Threats)
Links to web sites with information

Bomb Threats and Radiological Incidents
Links to web sites with information

Computer Security and Intelligence
Links to other sites

Council on Foreign Relations: Terrorism
An online resource for everyone in these turbulent times who wants to learn more about the complex international issues challenging policy-makers and citizens alike.

Homeland Security’s Counterterrorism Division

Global Incident Map
A global display of terrorism and other suspicious events

History of Biological Warfare
An overview

Security Magazine
News about security products and services, with lots of archived articles

South Asia Terrorism Portal
News about terrorism in such areas as Indian, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and others.

Terrorism Research Center
Although many resources on this site are premium content, there are some free areas, such as country profiles, terrorism timelines, public documents, and links.

Weapons of Mass Destruction Handbook,2933,76887,00.html
An overview of various types of warfare (chemical, biological, and nuclear) and what citizens can do

Crimes by Type

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